Sub Junior (Class 1 to 4)

Light Music (Indian ) - Fancy Dress - Folk Dance - Drawing Painting

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Junior (Class 5 to 8)

Light Music (Indian/Western) - Recitation - Folk Dance - Group Dance (Folk ) - Elocution - Essay Writing - Mappilapattu (Boys & Girls) - Oppana (Girls)

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Senior (Class 9 to 12)

Light Music (Indian & Western) Recitation Group Song( Indian) Instrumental Music (Orchestra) Folk Dance Group Dance (Folk) -Elocution - Essay Writing - Mappilapattu (Boys & Girls) - Oppana (Girls) - Carton Drawing - Classical Dance (Bharatanatyam)

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Kalanjali 2019 is first time in Qatar to broaden the horizons of students culturally.

Provide a common platform to exhibit the skills ,talents and activities in the field of culture, literature and others.

Channelize fun, enjoyment, pleasure and relaxation to reduce monotony.

Identify the stars of future

Showcase the potential of school students to strengthen their confidence and self esteem

Mould physical , social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual personality of students

Develop and hone the potential of the students by participating in different contests